Fabbrica del sale

Fabbrica del sale was born from an idea by Stefano Campioli, an eclectic and creative personality from the ceramic  field. The aim is to mix together a goup of creatives from all backgrounds and with different cultures into a multidisciplinary agency, in the constant research of perfection. Innovation, study, technology and creativity. Over twenty-five years of experience in the ceramic and design field,  professional experiences of the highest profile and collaborations with high-sounding brands: this is Fabbrica del Sale.

There’s always a way to do it better.
Find it.

The rooms of Fabbrica del Sale have been customized and tailor-made by the company itself. From recycled chairs decorated through the Decoupage technique to the furniture designed by our designers, from the musical instruments that animate the rooms to the graphics that personalize the walls. Fabbrica del Sale seeks art in every detail. A beautiful setting you cannot help but be impressed!