The Shadow Project is based on a very simple concept, which is if there is a shadow it means that the object is real, it exists. The shadow cannot be fiction The trend of late 2021 and 2022 in ceramic is metal, the correct term is cement-metal. With new technologies, new colors and new machinery, it is now possible to create incredible microstructures and reliefs. Fabbrica del Sale is the first company that believed in all this and today we are the main partners of leading companies in the market for the development of these technologies. We are able to realistically simulate all the technological steps needed to obtain a perfect tile.


Design Concept created 2 years ago (2019), today it is a must. Winner of 2 prestigious awards.

The Shadow Project is based on a very simple concept, which is if there is a shadow it means that the object is real, it exists. The shadow cannot be fiction because it reflects reality.
Who has never dreamed of living in a natural environment? Lights and shadows generated by the leaves of the trees create a feeling of well-being feelings, regardless of the environment in which we find ourselves.
Architecture is light and shadow, transparency and opacity and only the reality of its shapes makes a building unique.This type of research in contemporary architecture reintroduces a decorative dimension – although abstract – and sometimes even interactive of building surfaces. Sensory response in architectural spaces too often are turned aseptic by the figurative abstention of the Modern.

The famous architect Le Corbusier claimed: “Architecture is the wise and rigorous game of volumes under the light”, which refers to a use of light as a generator of chiaroscuro effects, not so much in the definition of interior spaces, but above all in the definition of volumes and therefore of architectural space.

let’s save the planet

The design trend sees the desire for freedom of open spaces and the feeling of living in nature as protagonists.

North American style

Fabbrica del Sale is very attentive to the style and aesthetic taste of each country.
In North America the classic and neutral linear style is preferred; cements, travertines and natural colored stones.

Kitchen Project

Kitchen project, is a special project by Fabbrica del Sale, unique and elegant because it was made manually with the use of experimental techniques by our artists.

Rust & Oxides

We create oxidations manually, on any type of metal, copper, aluminum, zinc, iron through the use of acids and organic pigments.


Formerly obtained with vegetable pigments, the fresco is an ancient mural painting technique applied directly on plaster sand. From the Minoan frescoes of Athens to Michelangelo’s Sistine chapel to the present day we have been using the same ancient technique to recreate contemporary and long-lasting decorations.


Brazilian quartzites



We are those of marbles…. of course! If you are looking for quality images of a rare marble, you will find it, if you want it in large size you will find it, but our real strength is the commitment to offer creativity and trendy architectural solutions to our customers.

Our Total-White marble collection is the answer.


Polar-Ice is a novelty, a unique project of its kind, the reflections, shapes and movements of the ice are pure and crystalline. Very suitable as a covering for the walls of bathrooms, saunas, swimming pools and wellness centers, thus also highlighting the ecological aspect.


Leaving aside the healing and magical power of crystals, the trend for 2021-22 is the transparency and color of the gems. such as Agates, Calcite, Chrysocolla, Jasper, fluorite etc ..


Infinite-Black is luxury and elegance.

D.V.C. Project

D.V.C. is Fabbrica del Sale project, very high level and ambitious but still achievable in production. In recent years, research and technology has moved to 3D looking for the evidence of the structure on the surface. The example you can see here are real achievements. This technique can be applied on natural stone, on production of wall tiles, wood and wallpapers. For more information please contact us.