OOPArt is a magazine conceived by creatives, designers, and artists in Emilia Romagna (Italy), born from an obsessive passion for images and materials; it is a container of spectacular images, all unpublished and of great communicative power.

No. 00 – December 2021
No. 00 Albion

Albion is one of the ancient names for Great Britain: a mythical and highly evocative place known for its frequent literary references to 
“perfidious Albion”.

Indeed, this pejorative phrase is used within the context of international relations diplomacy alluding to supposedly unscrupulous policies by monarchs of the United Kingdom.

Albion folk is patriotic, monarchical, multi-ethnic, ugly, overweight, and fashionable; the Albionics are open to the future but at the same time firmly rooted in their traditions; they have bizarre habits that often make the rest of the world raise its eyebrows.
For example, it is the only country where people drive on the right, totally convinced that’s the right way to drive. Points of view. However, unlike the French, British people are perfectly aware that they are not perfect with their quirks and peculiarities, especially British humour. British humour carries a strong element of satire and irony.

Jokes are told with an impassive face, while themes are often sarcastic. British people are distinguished by a sophisticated education that leaves non-space for arrogant or conceited attitudes, preferring self-irony and modesty.

British humour softens tones, bringing laughter to sad and embarrassing moments. At the end of the day, what might seem like hostile or rude behaviour to us is just a way of lightening the mood. Laughing at oneself at one’s weaknesses is a strength, same as making fun of life’s misfortunes and failures. We like this trait a lot here at OOPart.

Why OOPArt 

OOPArt (acronym derived from the English “Out Of Place ARTifacts”) is a term coined by the American naturalist and cryptozoologist Ivan T. Sanderson to give a name to a category of objects that have a difficult historical location, representing an anachronism. OOPArt includes all those archaeological or paleontological finds that, according to common beliefs about the past, it is assumed they could not have existed in the era to which the initial dates refer. 

Within OOPArt pages we can find amusing places, enigmatic objects, geological evidence, timeless artifacts, papyri, and indecipherable rhythms. We lustfully investigate nature and human events without taboos and preconceptions, we satiate our rebellious nature whiledaring “uncomfortable” topics with a glance free from prejudice. We cultivate interest in the interstitial spaces and common places, we are looking for wonder just outside the door of the house, but also in exotic places like (in order of importance):
Rivabella, Talamone, Ouagadougou, San Michele dei Mucchietti, Xanadu etc…Some of us are also obsessed with the Cybiont, externalized macro social body and nourishing matrix of our editorial staff. Our focus is made of architectural skin, surfaces, and textures. Under our lens they become important patterns, a witness of anthropological and social realities. We explore trash together with new baroque opulence, from absent colors to an essential symbolic universe.

Thus, through observation and investigation we attempt a process of objectification of myths and magic, unfolding the story through authentic images supported by hyper-texts, bibliographic sources and links to invite reflection on the content as a form of reasoning and the basis of a project.

So, activating mental processes is the unconcealed intention, like imagining on behalf of third parties starting from a “paleo-imaginary” from which everything derives, with caution and circumspection, we sift through themes and topics in search of design before design. We look at the world by focusing on unconscious design and, thus, we find that design is also where we do not look for it.

In the future we will discover a logic of thought that induces all of us in the theatrical privacy of our conscience, making us to desire eccentric notes of color, luminous and seductive surfaces, admirable objects, and artifacts that are always new and unpredictable. 

OOPArt is a magazine conceived by creatives, designers, and artists in Emilia Romagna, born from an obsessive passion for images and materials; it is a container of spectacular images, all unpublished and of great communicative power.

The pages do not contain any text, only tags or links; each representation arises from a topic, or from research with a central theme declined in different solutions. 
Our willingness is to create a periodic container, which shows suggestions and surreal images, both authentic and concrete.
A magazine which combines the crude reality of commercial photography together with research in the archives and the investigation of new materials. 

A collective editorial staff able to outline its own planning with a specific narrative on witnesses, materials, and places. OOPArt is an accessible magazine, widely distributed, that can be uses as a working tool for those who need creative suggestions for various professional fields.


Organizzazione e produzione:
Fabbrica del Sale s.r.l.
Via Giardini Sud, 136
41043 Formigine (MO) Italy

Progetto grafico:
Three Digital -ARGO DESIGN

Archivi immagini: Maiadgallery

Produzione eventi e gestione sponsorship Giorgella Bridge allestimenti

Project manager / Art directorBitalo/Giuliano Ravazzini

On the cover, Perfidious Albion digital graphics vector on canvas multisize @bitalo